Monday, 3 May 2010

Water Baby

*news flash*
those who know me know that i dont swim. never have never will, i dont float - i sink and id rather fall off a bridge onto cold concrete than into warm water.
But the other day i swam! i can only do breast stroke and back strooke but hey, atleast im moving through the water huh. Then the next thing i did was don some scuba gear and  took a pool dive. Could have gone better if the guy hadnt put so much air on my jacket but was none the less.

And, just to keep that ball rolling, i went snorkelling for a few hours the next day (and several subsequent days too) - saw so many fish; shoals of them, so many blue star fish, maybe a crayfish or something, a pipe fish, possibly a lion fish though it could have been dead, cat fish and lots of other big colourful ones i have no clue about.

 Im now pestering Amy to play with me in the pool and time how long i can pretend to be dead floating on the water, holding my breath. so far my personal best is holding it for 1minute 15 secs. il get to 2 mins soon!


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