Monday, 3 May 2010

Our First Night

So its been quite eventful here. On our first night we sat down for a quick one in the bar before dinner and took our places in the corner for a nice view of the sea and the bar for a bit of people watching. To see who we were stuck with for the week ;-)
In another corner were two guys on guitars singing light acoustic songs in the background for the ambience of the room which was nice. As you'd expect they strummed out indescribeable fijian-esque songs and takes on western ballads. Until they broke into an interesting rendition of Inner Circles - Girl im gonna make you sweat 
At one point they were joined by a girl who made her way over to them and sat, not a respectable audience member sort of distance but, right infront of them at their same table. She sat there, head down, eyes closed bobbing slowly enjoyin the music in that way that you see people do when maybe theyre too drunk to dance anymore or the way hippies sway entranced in old clips from 60's festivals.
She then started tapping on the table lightly. We presumed her pseudo bongo playing was a sign that she was either with the band or an appreciative musician.
We were wrong. She was just drunk. How did we know? They gave her a bongo and a shaker and she ruined their songs with retarded non sensical slapping and banging. Even a cheesey fijian acoustic cover of a western pop song can be raped with a single ill timed slap of a bongo.

Later we had to play games in the bar which included the good old passin of a tennis ball down a line only using your neck. One old guy got a good eyeful of boobage as he had to go retrieve his ball a few times. We also had to be blind folded and blindly identify our partners; thankfully both amy and myself got it right! that may have been awkward! Some good recollection of shoes was put to use here!


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