Monday, 3 May 2010

Hmm Hawaii

Well we went out for food lastnight, and as it wasnt raining it was a pleasant evening.

A stroll around the more pricey area was nicer. High end fashion stores, Fendi, Prada, Louis etc so i guess a nicer crowd. The streets were lit beautifully with fairy lights in the palms and fire torches outside hotels and restaurants. The market was quaint and all the street sellers and statue people were cool, if not a bit old hat. So Hawaii has redeemed itself here a little bit for me (bar someone lying in a pool of blood outside our restaurant!?)

The restaurant was odd. I think its american service maybe? But it can only be described as being like a Franky & Bennys or TGI Fridays we have in the uk but trying to be nicer. There was an underlying conflict for me here. Like how the waiter pleasantly went into a lot of animated detail about the workings of the menu, but this was redundant for me as all i could see was a list of burgers, chips and pizzas?!

Why be so formal when we get limp paper napkins for coasters and mcdonald style straws in paper packets for our drinks?

But then again maybe im just not used to decent waiting staff when im ordering a bbq burger or pizza? So possibley its shame on you UK branches of american diners, take not of the yanks...even KFC's Colonel Sanders wears a suit.


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