Monday, 3 May 2010

Aloha Hawaii

Ok, so i have come to the conclusion that i dont like arriving in new places. You dont know where anything is, you dont understand anyone and you dont know how much anything costs even if you could get there. Oh and theres that whole rigmarole of customs and queueing when all you want to do is crash out in a nice bed as soon as possible.

Leaving places is better in a weird way; youve had a good time and are taking some reat experiences away with you and theres an excited trepidation about your new destination and of course, flying on planes is fun :-)

What makes arriving even worse? Rain. I hate rain, especially when youre expecting a sunny hot paradise! This is what we got in Fiji and this is what we have in Hawaii. Its not a glaring hot paradise like Lost or the usual american films with smiley 'Alohas', grass skirts and sunbathing on long sandy beaches. Its a dreary, raining throwback to 70's high rise holidays with miserable people.
We waited 5 hours in the crappy communal area at the hostel to be checked in to out bed bug riddled room; which you had to get to by walking through someone elses room first!
No wonder they have the biggest crystal meth problem, theres nothing else to do apart from surf and get so shit faced you dont realise youre not actually in the 70's anymore (and in actual fact youre an old man with a dirty pony tail and shit floral shirt....get a job you bum)

Suffice to say I havent been impressed so far! But we have a tour booked today and have checked into a nicer place instead so im holding out before i completely give up on Hawaii...


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